Required Document for Grand Permissions


Application for grant of permission will be submitted by the telecom company/service provider having valid license from the Dept. of Telecommunication, Ministry of Communications, Govt. of India.


  • Copy of relevant license or registration certificate issued by the Deptt. of Telecommunication, Govt. of India
  • Plan and location plan of the COW/MBTS duly signed by the applicant and the Structural Engineer. The Plan should include the extent of land required for establishment of the over ground telegraph infrastructure for COW/MBTS.
  • No Objection Certificate from Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) (wherever applicable)
  • No Objection Certificate from Airports Authority of India (AAI) (only in case if the location is marked in ‘Red’ Zone in Colour Coded Zoning Map (CCZM) specified by AAI.
  • Copy of the type test certificate issued by Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI) to the manufactures of the Diesel Generator (D) Sets along with clearance of DPCC, if applicable.
  • Self-declaration of SACFA Clearance, to be obtained within six months.
  • Indemnity bond / Affidavit as per clauses mentioned at Sl.No. 13,16,25 & 26 of the Policy in respect of allotment of space for installation of Communication Cellular Mobile Tower on Wheels ( COW)/MBTS.
  • Indemnity Bond indemnifying the SDMC to keep harmless from all losses /damage/ fire.
  • Certification of the technical design by a structural engineer attesting to the structural safety of the over ground telegraph infrastructure of COW/MBTS.
  • The names and contact details of the employees of the telecom company/service provider for the purposes of communication in regard